MC180 - 3G RFID lock GPS padlock for container and asset tracking

MC180 is 3g Intelligent Remote GPS Lock, bulit-in12000maH battery, G-sensor and RFID reader,and monitor the container or asset's location and door status through the wireless technology.
Description Specifications


3G & 2G Cellular network
Dual SIM card (Micro)
Build in 3 Axis acceleration sensor
Unlock through Bluetooth( Optional)
Unlock by Password or RFID tags
Built-in battery 10400 mah
Micro USB Port Configure/ Upgrade
IP67 waterproof
Firmware upgrading over the air


Communication Specifications:
GSM module: Quectel M26 or UC15 or EC25
UMTS (WCDMA): 850/900/1900/2100 MHz 
GSM/GPRS/EDG: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
GNSS Specifications:
GPS Module: Skylab 12BL
General Specifications:
Dimensions :195mm x 114mm x 37mm
Weight : 1000g( Include main unit and 35CM Lock rope)
Standard battery : Rechargeable battery 10400mAh
Water Resistance:  IP67 compliant
Operating Temperature:  -20℃~+80℃
                                       -40℃~+80℃ for storage
Average working current: <90 mA
Average current standby: <100uA
Humidity : 5%—99%
Material : Engineering plastic

Air Interface Protocol:
Transmit Protocol: TCP, SMS
Dual SIM cards
Build in 3 Axis acceleration sensor for Motion or vibration detecting
Bluetooth(Optional): Unlocking via APP or Download historical Track data through Bluetooth(replace serial port)
Real time Position querying
Unlock by Password or authorized RFID key  
Supports 9 alerts :Lock rope tamper, Swiping unauthorized RFID key,
Unlocking, Wrong password, Vibration, Enter Geo-fence, Exit Geo-fence,
Low battery, Back Cover Opened, Motor Fault
Firmware upgrading via OTA