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The application of Antenna Carving technology in IOT devices

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Update time : 2020-12-13 17:07:37
It's known that the quality and performance stability of the antenna is one of the most important things for the manufacturing of gps trackers. However most antennas on the market are using FPC antenna, although the FPC antenna research and development cycle is short, to avoid the loss of abrasive costs caused by product development failure, but the use of FPC glued to the equipment shell antenna, there is a certain quality risk.
Glues are important fixed materials in FPC antennas , but different shell surfaces, the cleaning condition of the surface and the working environment have a great impact on fixing, not any glues can keep a good bonding force in high temperature, humidity, low temperature, dry environment for long time. Once poor bonding causes the FPC up, there will be a terrible change in antenna performance.
In order to solve this problem, we use carving technology, can carve the antenna directly on the equipment shell. It will effectively solve the metal electromagnetic shielding effect (signal difference) problem, at the same time it ensures the stability of antenna performance.
This technology is very expensive, devices wastage is particularly serious, but in order to ensure the quality and stability of customized products, we use this technology to ensure the stability of antenna performance.
To provide customers with excellent and stable performance of products is our constant pursuit.

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